40s Dating in Essex

40s Dating in Essex

Across The Room

40s dating in Essex - no need to hesitate, one simple telephone call is all it takes to embark on a carefully planned and exciting journey to that someone special. Call us 01449 722800 and we will fill in all the detail for you.

At Across the Room we aim to match dating in Essex to your own personality and take the strain out of 40s dating.

Our 40s dating members in Essex each have a face to face chat with us to help us compile a unique 40s dating profile and the type of person they would like to meet.

We have many years of experience with 40s dating in Essex and our Reputation has been built up from over 25 years of experience. Each member has access to a dating consultant who will be your personal contact - it's not internet dating

By meeting all our 40s dating members personally, we can ensure they are genuine people and are truly represented by their photograph.