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Suffolk Singles

Suffolk Singles

Our Suffolk Singles events are for people looking for friendship, perhaps leading to finding that someone special, or even maybe just the opportunity for a good evening out with a meal or a dance. If this resonates with you then our Suffolk Singles events could be just what you need.

These magical Suffolk Singles events are well organised in advance with someone to meet you at the door and welcome you into a relaxing social environment with other single people from Suffolk and the surrounding counties.

This is Suffolk meetups with that bit extra. Some of our events are on meetups but there is also a whole host of nicities which we provide for our members.

The events we run for Suffolk Singles take the form of a meal out in a congenial atmosphere where single people get together with other Suffolk Singles and enjoy new and interesting company.

At our Suffolk Singles Dinner Dances, the meal if followed by the chance to take to the floor with new friends for a number of slower dances before the mood steps up a little with a lively disco.

There is space for people to move to the side and chat if they wish and get to know more of the single people from Suffolk or surrounding areas.

This is a great opportunitiy for Suffolk’s single people to meet and mingle, enjoy a meal and a dance and make new friends. Many single people find that they end up as a couple from a chance meeting at one of their Suffolk Singles Dinner Dances

Not to forget – our flagship events for Suffolk Singles – the Across the Room Black Tie Balls. Held in Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk and all the surrounging counties these events attract single men and single ladies from far and wide.

Why not join us and see what our Suffolk Singles events can do for you and your social life. Call the office today on 01449 722800 for a no-obligation chat.

We do have an office – we are not “on line only” – you can speak to us and even come and see us if you wish.

We do have an office in Suffolk – we are not “on-line” only, but a Traditional Dating Agency in Suffolk – you can speak to us and even come in and see us if you wish.

Fed up with always having to be in the company of other couples and feeling like the third wheel? Well we are here for you every step of the way. As we are a Traditional Dating Agency we can help kick start your social life, from being single to meeting that special someone in Suffolk or beyond.

Whether you’re recently single or just needed to take a break from the dating scene for a while, we are here to help you get back into dating in Suffolk. So don’t sit alone, come and meet us at our varied singles events in Suffolk and the surrounding area, you won’t be disappointed!