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Essex Singles

Essex Singles

Fantastic nights out for Essex Singles await you, just Across the Room! If you Live in or near Essex and single, then read on . . .

For our Essex Singles members we have Dinners, Dinner Dances, Singles Dinner Discos, Black Tie Balls for single people, all just a few steps away. Our fabulous events for single Essex people are second to none, all meticulously organised and run.

For Essex Singles wanting to meet other Essex Singles, whether it be for friendship, romance, or even just for an enjoyable night out, our Essex Singles events are for you.

You might have tried other Essex Singles groups and found they are not for you – or even if you like what they offer but would like something extra or different, an Across the Room Essex Singles event could be just what you are looking for as a single person.

Essex Singles have much to seek out and enjoy in this busy and active county but so many things are aimed at couples and families. Here at Across the Room we recognise that couples start out as single people and that there needs to be somewhere for them to meet and to move from being an Essex Single to an Essex Couple.


Our Essex Singles events are a great way to meet like minded people in lovely surroundings. Most of our Banqueting Suites and Hotels are a standard of 4 to 5 star rating, so the cuisine and wine is of a high quality – just like our members! Some prospective members ask if all of the ladies and gentlemen at Across the Room are single? We explain that we try to ensure that all of the information given to us on the application form is correct and of course we do send the programme to their home addresses. We also contact our singles events members using their home telephone numbers. If people are not willing to give this information then we decline their application for membership of Essex Singles at Across the Room.


We are often asked by members before their first event whether will they walk into a room full of strangers at our Singles Dinner Dances. Definitely not, We are there to greet you and our hostesses will introduce you to new and existing members. We are also asked about the ratios at our Singles Dinner Dances between Single Ladies and Single gentlemen. We ensure at our singles events that men and women are as evenly balanced in numbers as possible. We also help you to meet as many different people as possible by moving the Gentlemen from one table to another after each course so that you meet a good number of other single people. it also keeps the conversation alive.

Do please contact our office if you would like to book one of our fantastic events near you in Essex or any of the other counties we cover.