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40's Dating in Essex

40's Dating in Essex


40s dating in Essex is easy and exciting with Across the Room. Just give us a ring on 01449 722800 and we will explain how simple it is to kick start 40s dating in Essex to find the person of your dreams.

All our 40s dating in Essex members are offered a free interview to find out about them and the dating partner they are hoping to meet. We have several different options open to you, each of which includes a bespoke dating profile which we compile and, after you approve it, can be sent to other hand selected people who are also looking for their perfect match.

By meeting all our 40s dating members personally, we can ensure they are genuine people and are truly represented by their photograph.

Life begins at forty is a well known saying and for many of our 40s dating in Essex members this is very true. The 40s surely is the prime of life and if you are in the dating scene in your 40s you might need just a little hand to steer you to single 40s people. Does it seem like everyone is paired off by their 40s? don’t beleive a word of it.

There are many 40s and over 40s who have made a successful career and had no time for romance. Now is the time when they feel the need to complete the missing piece of their jigsaw and find the perfect dating partner who is perhaps in the same position and looking for love.

That’s where we can help, why not call Eleanor now on 01449 722800 to find out more about our 40s dating services and open up your horizons.


Maybe you feel that you are just too old, being in your 40s to start again and learning the ropes of modern dating can seem daunting, well don’t be put off we are here to help. We are a Traditional Dating Agency, meeting our clients face to face so we can match you with many single people in their 40s in Essex and the surrounding areas.

Not only do we have our Traditional Dating Agency but we also host fabulous Singles Social Events for people in their 40’s in and around the Essex area. These are a great way to meet new, single people in Essex and beyond who are looking to enjoy a great night out in Essex, from intimate supper parties to Black Tie Balls in Essex we have the social event for you!

If you’re stepping back into the dating process, don’t go it alone. Across the Room has been supporting our many clients in their 40s for over 30 years and are ready to provide that personal touch, from meeting our clients face to face and always being ready to chat on the telephone. We are here to build up your confidence and self-esteem to get you back into the dating game in your 40s.