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Across The Room offers an exclusive, discreet Dating Agency to find perfect partners and soul mates for our discerning and selective single members.

The opportunity to find friendship, love and romance is provided through our exclusive Dating Agency by carefully and hand selecting members who are matched for compatibility.

Across the Room is highly respected within the Dating Agency community, We are considered to be one of the U.K.’s No.1 Introduction Agencies. We are members of the A.B.I.A. and have a passion for what we do. Our Dating Agency has enjoyed over twenty years success in bringing people together. We know that success starts from the trust and honesty in the relationship which we carefully build with each of our Dating Agency members.

Our careful, step by step approach to dating rests on us understanding you and your hopes and desires. This gives us an in-depth insight in to matching you with a partner who is visually appealing and mentally stimulating. The personal dating agency service is confidential and successful, just right for busy people who feel that life of late has become all work and no play and wish to devote time to a meaningful and rewarding relationship.

Our Traditional Dating Agency is second to none and we have introduced countless happy couples who all tell thier friends about their success! People ask about our success rate and how long we have been running our Dating Agency. Across the Room was founded in 1990 and has an excellent track record as 80% of new agencies will disappear within the first eighteen months of trading. We meet all of our members face to face and they love the traditional Dating Agency approach as it is safer and the service which we offer is excellent. You will have your own dedicated Dating Consultant working on your behalf and we will help you with your Dating Agency Membership every step of the way.

Some members say that this concept is totally new to them but after we have had a friendly chat, they soon realise the benefits and any concenrs quickly disappear when they find themselves in such charming company, and they feel a wonderful boost to their confidence too!

Our Dating Agency does ask you to come and meet us for an interview, we need to find out about you and you about us. We realise that people must have a common background or something to spark a relationship. They do say though, that opposites attract, and this is true, so we try to cover all eventuailities and match you with someone who shares a similar outlook or offers some other ingredient to begin the attraction process.

If you would like more information please call us at the office and we can have a friendly, no obligation chat and can tell you more about our very successful Traditional Dating Agency.

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